Fraud Protection

Every day, your business faces threats such as wire, automated clearing house (ACH), and check fraud. Mitigate these risks with State Bank of Chilton's Positive Pay, accessible via Business Online—our dedicated online banking platform for businesses. This tool helps reduce the likelihood of financial losses from check fraud, safeguarding your transactions efficiently.

Introducing Check Positive Pay

Boost your security measures against fraudulent checks with our Check Positive Pay service. This system meticulously reviews check details and immediately alerts users of any irregularities, facilitating the rapid identification of potentially fraudulent or obsolete checks. It is the perfect solution for businesses looking for top-notch fraud prevention and streamlined cash management.

Add the Payee Positive Pay feature: Introduce an additional level of security with Payee Positive Pay. This service enhances fraud protection by verifying not just the check number and amount but also the payee details, safeguarding against altered or unauthorized payee names.

Introducing Reverse Positive Pay

Our Reverse Positive Pay is specifically designed for business and corporate clients who issue a limited number of checks but require robust fraud prevention. This solution foregoes the need for uploading check issue files, simplifying the management and protection of your financial transactions. This is the ideal fit for those clients who are handwriting checks.

Introducing ACH Positive Pay

Take charge of your ACH transactions with ACH Positive Pay. This service allows users to oversee incoming ACH debits and credits, block unauthorized parties, and tailor transaction parameters like amount limits and scheduling. By replacing outdated and labor-intensive systems, this modern, self-managed platform decreases the likelihood of errors and boosts operational efficiency.

Introducing Notifi Alerts

Notifi Alerts from State Bank of Chilton lets you know the moment something important happens in your account by instantly sending a message via text, email, or to your Online Banking message center. With Notifi Alerts you’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your money, and you can watch for suspicious activity. It’s a free service for our customers.

We offer one seamless system to deliver Positive Pay services to our clients. If you're paying too much, doing too much, and sacrificing a real-time experience - We can change that!

With Positive Pay you can effectively verify and review exception items before they are paid and return checks considered fraudulent or incorrect.

Fraud Protection - See what's trying to clear an account

Convenience - Convenient single-sign on from our Business Online platform

Visibility - View images of the front and back of checks on one convenient page

Control - Decide whether to pay or return

Peace of Mind - The ability to take action

Single sign on within Business Online

Monitor ACH credits & debits

Monitor check activity

Get notified of suspicious activity instantly

Option to pay or return items