Estate Planning Made Easy With Expert Trust Management

A trust is not just for the rich or famous. This estate-planning tool, where your assets are transferred for the benefit of a third party, can be useful for many individuals. The benefits of trusts are numerous, including expert investment recommendations and follow-through, clear and easy to use year-end tax information, the ability to skip the time and expense of probate, and overall peace of mind. Know that your loved ones will be cared for with trust management services from State Bank of Chilton. 

When Should you Consider a Trust?

image-investments-trust-services.jpgA trust can protect your privacy and simplify the administration of estates with assets, including real estate in multiple locations. It can also provide support to family members with ongoing needs, or place specific requirements on how the funds from your estate can be used. Trusts are flexible, come in many types, and can be the right choice even for small estates. 

State Bank of Chilton's Trust Department is managed by Susan Stecker. Stecker is a Chilton native who has been with the bank since 2004, and she holds Series 6 and 63 Securities Licenses. For an initial, no-obligation consultation on Trusts, contact her at (920) 849-9371 or email at

Your Options for Trusts at State Bank of Chilton

State Bank of Chilton Trust Department can act on your behalf in numerous ways, including Living Trusts, Trusts Under Will and Conservatorships and Guardianships. 

The Bank, acting in these capacities, will:
  1. Hold your assets in safekeeping
  2. Collect all income
  3. Pay all bills
  4. Provide complete accountings and investment reviews
  5. Participate in periodic meetings to review investments and make recommendations
  6. Provide year-end tax information

Trust Us as Your Personal Representative

The Bank, acting as your Personal Representative, will perform the following tasks to settle your estate:

  1. Collect and inventory all your assets
  2. Pay any valid claims against your estate
  3. Meet with your beneficiaries and keep them abreast of the estate progress
  4. Prepare all tax returns and make any tax payments
  5. Prepare a final account for the heirs and court
  6. Make final distributions to the beneficiaries

Custodial Accounts 

The Bank, acting as Custodian of your assets, will provide the following services:

  1. Hold all of your assets in safekeeping
  2. Collect all income
  3. Make periodic distributions of income to you
  4. Prepare complete accountings
  5. Prepare year-end tax information

401k Profit Sharing Retirement Plans

The Bank, acting as Custodian of your assets, will provide the following services:

  1. Hold all of your assets in safekeeping
  2. Invest all contributions on your behalf
  3. Collect all income
  4. Prepare and mail quarterly statements

Let Us Help You With Your Banking Needs

Personal investment accounts, trust administration and business retirement plans. Contact Us today to see how we can help you with your unique banking needs.