Bring the power of your entire checking account with you everywhere you go with Visa debit card and credit card from State Bank of Chilton. There's no checkbook to carry. No check to write. No ID to show. All you need is your Visa debit or credit card. 

Our Visa debit card can help you manage your money better. When you use a debit card, the amount will be deducted from your checking account. You'll always get a receipt for easy recordkeeping, and every transaction will be detailed on your monthly checking account statement. You'll always have access to your cash too, with easy access to ATMs worldwide.

We offer two options for this safe, convenient service: our State Bank of Chilton Visa Debit Card and State Bank of Chilton Credit Card.

State Bank of Chilton Visa Debit Card

State Bank of Chilton Visa debit card can be used everywhere Visa is accepted - over 22 million locations worldwide. You can use it to shop or pay bills in person, by phone, by mail or online. Your Visa debit card is accepted where checks aren't — it's your ATM card with the added buying power and safety of the Visa symbol. Visa's Zero Liability policy* makes it safer to use your card than cash or checks. If your card is ever lost or stolen, all you need to do is notify the bank immediately, and you're covered - you'll pay nothing for any fraudulent purchases. 

In addition to great purchasing power, you can still use your Visa debit card it to get cash, with surcharge-free ATM transactions at any of our State Bank of Chilton ATM's and at over 23,000 ATMS in the MoneyPass network. Find a MoneyPass ATM near you.


State Bank of Chilton's Visa Debit Card is equipped with the latest EMV chip technology.  Chip cards are more secure and easy to use.  The chip in your card produces a unique code during each transaction, making it more secure and harder to duplicate.

Have an Apple iPhone or iPad?  Load your State Bank of Chilton Visa Debit Card into your phone's wallet and enjoy secure mobile payments via Apple Pay without needing to carry your wallet.  

State Bank of Chilton Visa Credit Card

At State Bank of Chilton, our industry leading consumer and business credit card products offer competitive pricing combined with a full range of reward options - making it easy to select and apply for the card that meets your needs.

  • Pay your credit card bill online
  • View your account history
  • View related account information
  • View statements online

Choosing the right credit card is easier than ever. No matter which card you choose, you’ll enjoy important features like:

  • EMV smart chip technology for added security
  • Mobile purchasing capability for added convenience
  • Plus much more!

View available card designs and rewards, now!

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*Visa's Zero Liability policy does not apply to ATM transactions or to PIN transactions. See Cardholder Agreement for details. *Subject to Bank approval. *Fees may apply to transactions performed at ATMs not in the MoneyPass or ATM ACCE$$ networks.