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The State Bank of Chilton was founded on April 19, 1891 with initial capital of $27,000.00. William Connell, founder and first President of the bank, was a farmer from South Germantown, WI who immigrated from Ireland in 1836. The original bank building was located on East Main Street next to St. Mary's church.

In 1893, William Connell's son, T.E. Connell, the institution's original Cashier and General Manager, became the bank's second President.

The State Bank of Chilton enlarged and remodeled their facility in 1912 to meet the expanding needs of the Chilton area.

L.P. Fox became the bank's third President in 1935. He was the only bank President who was not a member of the institution's founding family.

In 1937, the State Bank of Chilton moved to its' present location at 26 East Main Street. During 1937, T.E. Connell's son, A.B. Connell, was elected President. He became the bank's fourth President and was born the same day the State Bank originally opened its' doors.

In 1948, a vacant lot was purchased across from the bank. The lot was developed into a parking lot for its' customers and is still used today.

In 1959, the bank added auto banking to its' services offered. Today, three drive-up lanes are available, along with a drive-up automated teller machine (ATM) on premise.  

In 1962, A.B. Connell's son-in-law, G.G. Bloomer, became the fifth President of the State Bank of Chilton.

The bank was extensively remodeled and expanded in 1979.

In 1982, G.G. Bloomer's son, Thomas A. Bloomer, was elected President of the State Bank of Chilton and serves in that capacity today.

Calumet Bancorporation, Inc. (a one-bank holding company) was formed in 1985.

In 1988, the State Bank of Chilton landscaped the property on the comer of Main and Madison Streets to include a message center and fountain.

In 1996, a Trust Department was established. The bank also began offering alternative investments, as well as, discount brokerage services.



The State Bank of Stockbridge was chartered on August 5, 1905. Dr. G.P. McKenney was the first President elected and served in that capacity until 1910, when Theo. Manderscheid was elected President. In 1911, the stockholders sold their entire shares of stock and T.E. Connell was elected President and served in that capacity until 1935, when A.H. Flatley became the next elected President with John B. Flatley succeeding him in 1956. Due to the illness of John B. Flatley, he was replaced by Bernard Flatley as President in January 1957. The Flatley family sold the bank in 1957 and G.G. Bloomer was elected the President. He served in that capacity until 1982, when his son, Thomas A. Bloomer, became the bank's Chief Executive Officer.

The bank originally was located on Lake Street in a building owned by Mrs. Dorothy Knauf. In 1915, a new bank building was constructed at 112 N. Military Rd. and occupied until June of 1991 when the State Bank of Stockbridge opened its' new location at 401 W. Lake St. featuring the Villages' first drive up facility.


As of close of business on December 31, 2000, the State Bank of Chilton and the State Bank of Stockbridge merged and the State Bank of Stockbridge became a branch of the State Bank of Chilton.

The State Bank of Chilton is proud of its' heritage and growth and continually strives to improve each year. 

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