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Privacy Policy



We recognize our customers' expectation that information provided to us by our customers or obtained by us about our customers will be safeguarded by us. This Policy is intended to describe how we collect, maintain, disclose and dispose of customer information, and how you can choose how information about you is used by us. This Policy may be amended from time to time at our discretion. If you have any questions, comments or complaints about the privacy of information about you, please contact us at the State Bank of Chilton, 26 E. Main St., Chilton, WI 53014. Phone (920)849-9371.


When you contact us about our products and services, you may be asked to provide us with information about yourself and other relevant persons. This information is useful (and allowed by law) to administer our accounts and provide products, services and other opportunities to you. You may provide information directly, for example in a loan application, when opening a deposit or investment account or by completing information requests.

We gather information about you indirectly through our experiences of doing business with you, such as your loan and deposit or investment account balances, information about products you purchase, your overdraft history and your payment history.

We may also obtain additional information about your credit history from outside sources. For example, when you establish a loan or deposit account, we may obtain a credit report from a credit reporting agency. We obtain credit reports when you initiate a transaction with us for which we need to know your credit history or we need to review or collect an existing account.


Unless you tell us to share information, the only disclosures we make relating to information about you and your accounts or transactions on your accounts are:

Those that we are either (a) required to make by law, for example, in response to a court order or (b) those that are permitted by law, which, in general, are those that are appropriate or necessary for us to make in order to effect, administer or enforce a transaction that a consumer requests or authorizes; or in connection with:

  1. Servicing or processing a financial product or service that a consumer requests or authorizes;

  2. Maintaining or servicing the consumer's account with a bank, or with another entity as part of a private label credit card program or other extension of credit on behalf of such entity; or

  3. A proposed or actual securitization, secondary market sale (including sales of servicing rights), or similar transaction related to a transaction of the consumer.


Each of our employees is trained in our policies regarding the confidentiality of customer information in our files. Each of our employees understands that each has a role to safeguard your information. Our employees understand and appreciate the sensitive nature of the information provided to us by our customers and the priority we place on customer confidentiality.


We strive to retain complete, accurate and current information on our customers. If you believe that any information in your customer records with us is insufficient, inaccurate or out of date, please contact us as follows:

By mail at: State Bank of Chilton
26 E. Main St., PO Box 149
Chilton, WI 53014
By telephone at:  (920)849-9371  
By facsimile at: (920)849-9696

Accuracy is important not only for our files, but also to be sure that we provide accurate data to the credit reporting agencies to which we furnish transactional data. If you dispute any information in your credit file that was furnished to the agency by us, we will be notified. We have procedures in place to promptly review and investigate any such notice and to correct errors and report our findings to the credit reporting agency.  


We retain individual records for different periods of time depending upon state and federal record retention requirements, internal risk management policies and need.

Before we dispose of any record containing personal information relating to our customers, we will either shred the record, erase any personal information contained in the record or modify the records to make any personal information unreadable, and will take all actions that we reasonably believe necessary to be sure that no unauthorized person will have access to your personal information between the period of our disposal of the record and its destruction.  


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