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DeluxeCard Visa Gift Cards

Your perfect gift card for every occasion, the DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card is an easy purchase for you and ideal for anyone on your gift list. It's welcomed worldwide by millions of merchants accepting Visa debit cards and can be used to make purchases online, by phone or in person.

How does it work? A DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card is not a credit card. The front displays the name of the purchaser or gift recipient, the Visa brand mark, an individual account number and an expiration date. It may not be used to obtain cash at an ATM.

Can I personalize DeluxeCard Visa Gift Cards? Yes! The recipients name can be embossed on the front of the card, along with your choice of 16 messages. Choose from 9 card designs for every occasion.

What are some of the advantages? Purchasers or gift recipients can use the DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card as many times as they like through the expiration date, up to the amount available on the card. Each purchase is automatically deducted from the card's available balance. If the card is lost or stolen with a balance remaining, the user can cancel the card and order a Replacement Card for $15.00.

How much does it cost? The DeluxeCard Visa Gift Card can be purchased in amounts from $20 to $750. In addition, there is a $5.95 Purchase Fee.

How is it delivered? DeluxeCard Visa Gift Cards can be sent to purchasers or directly to gift card recipients via First Class U.S. mail. Cards more than $100 in value must be shipped to the purchaser. Overnight delivery can also be provided for $15 per card.

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